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You can get the chance to work at Brock University by applying online. Below, you can find the detailed information about the hiring process of Brock University which offers entry-level and managerial positions.

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Careers are built at Brock. We offer unique opportunities in leadership, teaching, research, student support services and administration. We have a history of developing the strengths and career potential of our employees.

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You can be a member of Brock University family by completing the hiring process which is explained below. In order to finish the application process, you can use the link provided below to access to the online application Brock University where you can find out more about the position for which you want to apply.

Academic Advisor

Job summary

Careers are Built at Brock.
As a Top Employer in Hamilton-Niagara, Brock University offers unique opportunities in leadership, teaching, research, student support services, and administration. We have a history of developing the strength and career potential of our employees.

We are on the cusp of something new and exciting. We are launching into our next 50 years and are looking for people with passion, energy, and a strong desire to help our students achieve their goals.

Experience Brock, experience success.

A Day in the Life
Reporting to the Associate Dean of Humanities, Student Affairs and Curriculum, the Academic Advisor is responsible for providing integrated academic advisement and consultation for prospective, current and former students, acting as the primary liaison and resource for academic and non-academic matters. The Advisor designs an action plan to build productive, trusting relationships with students and contributes to academic retention and success of the University. The incumbent further provides information, support and advice to faculty and staff and participates in University-wide and Faculty-specific recruitment and retention events and initiatives. This position will be principally concerned with students and programs in MIWSFPA (DART, MUSI, STAC, VISA), as well as those in IASC and in GAME.

As the Academic Advisor, you will:

• Provide student academic advising, for assigned advising portfolio (MIWSFPA plus IASC and GAME), on topics including but not limited to: program requirements, post-graduate and graduate studies, career options, degree progression and course pathways, registration and course enrolment for exchange and visiting students, etc.
• Resolve issues related to curriculum, course pre-requisites and eligibility to graduate.
• Regularly assess, audit and analyze student records for data/course pathway integrity.
• Make administrative decisions including but not limited to: degree audits and requirement substitutions, program adjudication, honours application, major or minor revisions and declarations, international exchange course approvals, override requests, etc.
• Respond to e-mail, telephone and in-person inquiries, and manage advising appointments, tracking student requests and inquiries.
• Maintain related advising notes/files, complete related documentation, and compose related correspondence.
• Liaise as necessary with a variety of individuals and departments in the Brock community.
• Monitor the progress of students at risk academically and provide mentorship and advice.
• Evaluate student records and relevant data to identify and provide faculty with analysis, recommendations and considerations with respect to the programs or student population.
• Advise faculty members regarding new courses and program initiatives.
• Map the relationship/conflation of assigned programs/courses, including understanding cross-listed courses, restrictions, pre-requisites, prioritizing student access to courses, scheduling issues and degree progression issues.
• Evaluate UPC documents and consult with Associate Dean regarding the viability and acceptability of proposed program and degree changes.
• Attend departmental and other sub-committee meetings, as requested.
• Coordinate, attend and present at outreach initiatives and advising sessions aimed at retention, including helping coordinate and implement new student orientation.
• Liaise with Recruitment Services and participate and represent the Faculty of Humanities at recruitment events.
• Solicit, coordinate and collect alumni narratives and testimonials for recruitment and retention marketing promotional collateral.
• Engage in Service Learning initiatives, workshops and events to promote and grow experiential and service learning within Humanities.
• Participate and interpret data at NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) meetings on behalf of the Associate Dean and report survey relevance and impact to the Faculty and departments.
• Develop and maintain peer relationships outside of the University.
• Organize and supervise staff, students and volunteers in planning and executing the annual Awards Breakfast.
• Assist with Faculty-based events such as the Convocation Breakfast.


What you Need to Succeed
• An undergraduate degree in a related field.
• 2+ years of experience with academic advising in a post-secondary environment.
• Knowledge of academic advising, including advising models, theories, techniques, and counselling theories.
• Thorough understanding of strategic programs within the Faculty of Humanities and how those programs function within the University.
• Familiarity with the disciplines represented in the MIWSFPA Departments as well as IASC/GAME.
• Knowledge of University regulations, policies, strategic initiatives, programs, services and systems.
• Knowledge of University administrative functions (e.g. Admissions, International Exchanges, Student Records, etc.).
• Understanding of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
• Strong knowledge of computer software and systems including MS Office, databases and registration systems, CMS platform, social media tools, University systems, email and web applications.
• Trained in QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer) or other methods of intervention that identifies students at risk.
• Understanding of Service Learning and Experiential Learning.
• Proven events planning and presentation skills.
• Strong active listening, verbal, written, and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to coach students and identify and mentor at-risk students, as appropriate.
• Demonstrates accountability, patience, compassion and understanding with the ability to handle and communicate sensitive/confidential information tactfully and diplomatically.
• Self-motivated with the ability to work well independently, as well as collaboratively.
• Ability to develop relationships that lead to Alumni development and enhance the reputation of the University.
• Excellent creative problem solving, organizational, multi-taking, conflict resolution and analytical skills.
• Strong record keeping abilities, with excellent attention to detail.
• Ability to effectively prioritize a high volume of student requests.
• Adaptability and the ability to learn quickly and apply new knowledge.
• Ability to interpret and apply University and program rules and regulations, the faculty handbook, course calendar and other governance documents.
• Ability to reconcile student records and degree progressions/graduation tracks, including identifying anomalies, through tracking, auditing and reporting.
• Ability to handle, process, administer and communicate revisions to academic programs, policies and regulations at the Faculty and Registrar level.
• Ability to determine when and where to refer students for the resources they require.
• Extra and irregular hours may be required throughout the year to meet deadlines and attend events, including occasional evening and weekend work.

Preferred or Asset Skills:
• Graduate degree in a related field.

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