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Yogurty's Job ApplicationYogurty’s  Job Application Process

Yogurty’s is a company that recruits staff at regular intervals. When recruiting personnel, the company generally prefers people who are good in human relations, good-humored, warm-blooded external appearance, decent and patient. Because the personnel it will recruit will be in touch with people all day and will try to please them. Customer satisfaction is very important to the company. The firm, which generally makes entry-level and full-time purchases, occasionally makes periodic and part-time purchases.

Yogurty’s usually prefers its own career site when recruiting staff. From here, you can apply for the position you want online, or fill in the form and submit it to the company if available. In addition, you can go to the nearest branch and apply by hand with your CV.

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Team members

Team members interact with customers to find answers to questions about products and prices. When customers check out, team members weigh, price, cash, and process food. In addition to the customer team, the team members refresh the materials and refresh the yogurt and countertops. Yogurt is proud to offer a clean dining environment and Yogurty’s should clean and organize the store on a regular basis during a shift. Team members must also comply with all health and safety rules set by the company. The positive attitude that a team member should keep includes strong communication skills and walking and standing for all shifts. Team members usually start to earn minimum wages with earning their experience.

markham headquarters employment

  • Accounting
  • Graphic / Web Design
  • Executive Office
  • Facilities Management
  • Franchise Sales
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Research & Development
  • Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the established policy of Yogurty’s to ensure that Equal Employment Opportunity be afforded to all persons solely on the basis of personal capabilities and qualifications, and without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap. This policy applies to every aspect of employment.

Applying for franchised store employment?

Please visit the store and ask about the application process.

Yogurty’s Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is printable application form available for Yogurty’s and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

How to Apply for Yogurty’s Jobs;


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