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Fortinos is a Canadian supermarket chain that was founded in Hamilton, Ontario. It operates 23 stores across the western Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. It is owned by Loblaw Companies Limited.


In general, the store offers part-time job positions at entry levels but if experienced then you can also apply for full-time job positions. With a large work field, Fortinos jobs offer hiring processes open throughout the year. On regular basis, Fortinos always try to hire more new recruits who are well talented and motivated. To get hired you may or may not need to provide past experience. You can log on to the official website and collect more information about the hiring process and Fortinos job application.

Fortinos Jobs and Salary information

In order to apply at the Fortinos jobs, you need to be of a minimum of 14 years of age. When applying you will have to undergo paid training and follow strict work schedules. Fortinos jobs also offer employees with most competitive pay scales. When applying for seasoned positions you will also be able to take benefit of additional salary packages and incentives.

While Fortinos takes the necessary steps to ensure the safety of its customers and employees throughout the Covid-19 process, it works diligently to provide essential goods and services to all its customers.

It works closely with public health and follows their guidance to reduce close contact in stores and to ensure that the required cleaning and sanitation are properly reported.

In addition, Fortinos, which increases courier services for customers who shop from their homes, is recruiting new personnel. The company does not usually look for much experience in the people it chooses during this period, and it recruits personnel especially for entry-level jobs.

Some of the most common Fortinos job positions available are:-


in general, cashiers are responsible for looking into customers’ needs by greeting them, bagging groceries, ringing sales, explaining policies, answering queries related to needs and requirements. At the entry-level, you will have to work for 15 to 29 hours on weekly basis. You will be interacting with customers directly. You need to have a very friendly attitude, a pleasing personality and personability. For cashiers, the minimum pay scale is around $13 to 15 for every hour.

Location Application Link
2911 Major MacKenzie Drive, Vaughan Apply
65 Mall Road, Hamilton Apply
50 Dundurn St, Hamilton Apply
54 Wilson Street West, Ancaster Apply
2025 Guelph Line, Burlington Apply
21 Upper Centennial Parkway South Apply
435 Main St, Hamilton Apply
1550 Upper James Street, Hamilton Apply
All Locations (15+) Check More

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring exceptional customer service is provided in a courteous manner to maintain a reputation for a friendly, effective, and personalized experience.
  • Processing and balancing of all types of tender received in adherence with Company policy and procedures;
  • To operate a cash register and serve the public in a courteous manner;
  • To perform other duties, as assigned.

Floral Clerk

Location Application Link
2025 Guelph Line, Burlington Apply
330 Queen’s Plate Dr, Etobicoke Apply
3940 Highway 7, RR 2, Vaughan Apply
173 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville Apply
50 Dundurn St, Hamilton Apply
21 Upper Centennial Parkway South Apply
5111 New St, Burlington Apply
1059 Plains Rd E, Burlington Apply
All Locations (15+) Check More

Responsibilities and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure exceptional customer service is provided in a courteous manner to maintain our reputation for providing a friendly, efficient, and personalized experience.
  • To provide superior customer service by selling, educating, and consulting in order to increase customer loyalty;
  • To design innovative and exciting fresh, silk, and dried flower arrangements; To assist with departmental merchandising;
  • To assist with floral product ordering.
  • To ensure that the department’s safety, sanitation, and general maintenance meet Company standards;
  • To direct part-time employees when left in charge of the department;
  • To respond to customer inquiries and requests while maintaining courteous customer relations at all times;
  • To assist in the operation of the Garden Centre; To perform other assigned duties.

The ideal candidate would have exemplary customer service abilities.

  • Minimum of three years’ experience in floral design in a retail setting; demonstrated creativity and innovation; proven selling skills
  • Garden Centre experience is advantageous;
  • Ability to work different shifts, including days, evenings, and weekends;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Self-motivated; able to work in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment.

Personal Shopper

Friendly and vivacious, with a passion for food and dedication to our clients. If this describes you, please get in touch!

Location Application Link
1550 Upper James Street, Hamilton Apply
2025 Guelph Line, Burlington Apply
50 Dundurn St, Hamilton Apply
65 Mall Road, Hamilton Apply
115 Hamilton Street North, Waterdown Apply
1579 Main St W, Hamilton Apply
54 Wilson Street West, Ancaster Apply
All Locations Check More

Why is this role so Crucial?

  • To provide courteous, effective service to customers
  • To fulfill customers’ online shopping orders with meticulous care
  • To deliver customer orders to their vehicles and collect payment as necessary
  • Maintain department cleanliness and perform other duties as assigned.

Night shift

If you are flexible with work schedules then you can apply for night shifts. At work, you may have to look into maintenance, stocks and hygiene. In most cases, you will only have to perform manual work. You need to have a sound health condition. Your basic pay scale will be around $25,000 yearly.

Meat Cutter

Responsibilities and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure exceptional customer service is provided in a courteous manner to maintain our reputation for providing a friendly, efficient, and personalized experience.
  • To receive, store, and cut meat while ensuring that the quality of the meat and cut conforms to company standards;
  • To store meat on trays in an organized manner in preparation for wrapping;
  • To ensure that the safety and sanitation of the department conform to company policies and standards.
  • To serve customers in an effective and cordial manner; to respond to customer inquiries, requests, and complaints while maintaining cordial customer relations at all times; and to perform other duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate would have exemplary customer service abilities.

  • Must be a certified butcher or meat cutter;
  • Minimum of three years’ experience slicing beef, veal, and pork in a retail meat setting;
  • Must be able to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends, and evenings.


As a clerk, you may have to carry out multiple tasks at Fortinos. You will be responsible for organizing flowers, organizing products, cutting meat etc. you will also have to look into organizing window displays at counters. It is obvious that most of the work will be manual. At the entry-level, you will be paid minimum wage depending on your past experience. Clerks earn $15 hourly.


This is the job position for people looking around for the best career opportunities. You have to be of legal age 18 years old. In most cases, regular management positions are filled up by new recruits. Your main duties will be to prepare payroll, set schedules and train new recruits. You will also have to assign work to other employees at the store. At the entry-level, you will have to supervise other employees. As a supervisor, you will be paid around $30 to 32 thousand yearly. The assistant manager will be paid $40,000 yearly while stores managers will be paid $ 55000 yearly.

Benefits of Working at Fortinos

Fortinos offers its employees different opportunities in addition to high salaries. The most important of these is health benefits. Examinations and treatments are provided by the company in terms of both general health and oral, dental and eye health throughout the year. In addition, it provides periodic holiday opportunities. At the same time, there are also discount amounts that the employees can benefit from both themselves and their relatives.

Fortinos Job Application Form/PDF

You can find out whether there is a printable job application form available for Fortinos Markets from the last section of the article. It is one of the essential steps to download the application form and fill it out with the necessary information. After this step, you can finish the application process by visiting one of the branches of the company to submit your application or by submitting the application online.

What age do you have to be to work at Fortinos?

Applicants in search of grocery store jobs with Fortinos must meet the minimum hiring age of 14 for employment consideration.

How do I apply at Fortinos?

Fortinos accepts applications made on its website. You can fill in the application form in detail and submit your application. In addition, you can apply from the stores.

How to Fill Out a Fortinos job application form?

The Fortinos application form is designed to gather information about candidates to be recruited and to find out if they are suitable for the job. You must fill in all the details completely. You can reach the form in the clickable link below.

Do Fortinos employees get a discount?

30% Employee discount.

How to Apply for Fortinos Jobs

Fortinos Locations;

There are 23 stores within Ontario.

Ancaster, Brampton (3), Burlington (4), Etobicoke, Hamilton (5), North York, Oakville (2), Stoney Creek (2), Vaughan (2), Waterdown, Woodbridge (2).

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